Now, more than ever, we need to raise the #Voices4Refugees
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As citizens of the Arab World, we stand united to support refugees.

Refugees are anxious, confused and heartbroken at the U.S. Program Suspension in what is already a lengthy process.

#Voices4Refugees believes that ALL refugees deserve to live in safety regardless of their religion, nationality or race, and should receive equal treatment for protection and assistance, and opportunities for resettlement.

Now more than ever, your voices need to be raised to tell these refugees and the entire world that you stand with their right to have a safe and dignified living.

“The numbers of people fleeing their home, their country, has accelerated to a level never seen before. In the past seven years no fewer than 15 conflicts – some new, some old – have brought unspeakable tragedy and misery to millions across the world. UNHCR has responded. We have stretched our resources to help more people than ever before. From Syria to Central African Republic, Iraq to South Sudan, we are working around the clock to extend our protection and lifesaving aid to millions”.

Once again, their lives or those of their families may be in jeopardy and uncertainty. Your voice is their safety.

Sign up now as a supporter for #Voices4Refugees initiative by UNHCR.

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Once you add your VOICE, you will receive:

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  • The hope you have given to those most in need.
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Our Work

Some of our work on the ground so far, figures updated March 2015

1.5m with updated registration documents (61% to 2015 target)

1.9m receiving food assistance (cash, voucher or in-kind) (81% to 2015 target)

499k children (5-17) enrolled in formal education (60% to 2015 target)

Refugees so far

forcibly displaced people

22.5M Refugees