Al janadriyah festival

In a complex environment with fast shifting needs and priorities, refugees seek protection, shelter, water, health, education and other essentials to survive and start a new life.

With more than 5,525,292 Syrian refugees fleeing their country and over 647,000 refugees that have fled to Bangladesh since 25 August 2017, UNHCR is committed to address the needs of refugees, improve their lives and strive to ensure that everyone has the right to protection and to build a new life with dignity.

The commitment of individuals and their generous support enable UNHCR to achieve its goals in saving lives and building better future for millions forced to flee their homes to seek protection, shelter, health, and advocacy

Al Jenadriyah is a two-week cultural and heritage festival that is held every year in late winter/early spring outside the city of Riyadh, it is a combination of living history, military air show, world’s fair, and celebrations.

UNHCR is participating with its booth at AL JANADRIYAH FESTIVAL from December 21- till January 9,2018  to raise voices for better lives for refugees. Give your voice for refugees, so the world can hear theirs.


Join the movement - we are all humans

Refugees are people, just like you and me. They are fellow human beings who have suffered tremendously.

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Annual Radiology Meeting (ARM) in UAE

In Partnership with INDIX Holding, UNHCR at the Annual Radiology Meeting (ARM) in UAE is at the place where cutting-edge technology unite with the industry’s chief decision makers.

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Investing In the Future, Middle East and North Africa, ‘IIFMENA’ is an international conference that’s happens every two years to tackle a specific humanitarian and development challenge in the MENA Region.

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