“They are all so naughty,” Ivra, 13 years old, says while sharing half a smile with young kids screaming and playing around her as she walks back from school.

Education is more crucial than comfort

Ivra fled Kobane with family when war invaded streets and homes, her father is an architect and her mother is an elementary school teacher, they could have moved into a modest apartment in one of the small Turkish towns not far from Kobane, but Ivra and her siblings don’t speak Turkish to attend school, so it was not an option.

“I don’t want generations to stay untaught” says Ziad, Ivra’s father. He and his wife agreed that it was more important for their children to continue their education to live in comfort, so they moved into Suruç camp.

Here, more than 5,000 children attend classes in two shifts.

“Before the school opened I had so much less hope”

Ivra learned her English at home in Kobane from watching American and British movies.

There, all of her friends also spoke English and together they would listen to pop music. she hardly sees her friends now, some fled to Turkey or further to Europe.

“First, when I was a child, I thought I would be a fashion designer,” she says, smiling while her new friends are listening intently “because I love fashion, you know, accessories and stuff, Fashion doesn’t belong in a place like this,” she says, referring to the refugee camp. “And as long as I’m a refugee, I don’t think all of my dreams will come true, Maybe my friends in Europe,” she continues. “Maybe their dreams will come true. Maybe they’ll be able to be a singer or an actor or use their talents in some way” 

She had high hopes of returning home soon, as weeks, months and maybe years go by she now has little hope of returning to Kobane.

Support Ivra to achieve childhood dreams.

Give your voice to Ivra now.




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