Join the movement - we are all humans

Refugees are people, just like you and me. They are fellow human beings who have suffered tremendously.
They had everything –just like you and me. They had a home, a daily routine, safety, security, community, but were forced to leave it all, literally running away to save their life! Right now, there are 2 ways in which you can choose to support those who have lost everything:

1- DONATE NOW to help warm a refugee mother and her children as they struggle to survive the bitter winter cold in fragile tents and shelters, with temperatures falling as low as -12 ℃. All donations will go to providing life-saving winter protection and essentials to extremely poor families in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey.

2-If you can’t donate, SIGN UP AS A SUPPORTER OF REFUGEES and stand with our brothers and sisters around the world. UNHCR may contact you via phone or email to keep you posted on different opportunities to help!


Annual Radiology Meeting (ARM) in UAE

In Partnership with INDIX Holding, UNHCR at the Annual Radiology Meeting (ARM) in UAE is at the place where cutting-edge technology unite with the industry’s chief decision makers.

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Investing In the Future, Middle East and North Africa, ‘IIFMENA’ is an international conference that’s happens every two years to tackle a specific humanitarian and development challenge in the MENA Region.

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Meet our Team: A letter from the field

I worked with UNHCR for six years inside Syria and now I’m based in Bangladesh supporting our response to the Rohingya refugee crisis. I want to reflect here on our collective efforts to help refugees and to express my thoughts on what it means when war forces someone to leave everything behind.

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