This Ramadan, BE THE LIGHT that shows refugees the way forward.

During Ramadan, it is where we long to be. Most of us are truly blessed to be surrounded by our families in the holy month. However, for millions of people, Ramadan is a memory of a life that was lost. Refugee and displaced families will observe the holy month separated from those they love and their communities, far from their homes and homelands. Remembering the past.

UNHCR works tirelessly on the ground to provide life-saving support to refugee and internally displaced populations, but we need your help to make this Ramadan about the future. Be the light this Ramadan that gives refugees the gift of hope.

The majority of the world’s 22.5 million refugees fall under at least four of the eight stipulations required by recipients of Zakat funds. With more than 5,525,292 Syrian refugees having fled their country and over 647,000 Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh since 25 August 2017, UNHCR is committed to addressing the needs of refugees, to improve their lives and strives to ensure that everyone has the right to protection and to build a new life with dignity.

The commitment of individuals and their generous support enables UNHCR to save lives and build a better future for millions who were forced to flee their homes in order to survive.

Please give your voice for refugees today, so that the world can hear theirs.

In times when they can’t see the light, give refugees hope to push forward and #BeTheLight.



In Eid, most of us are truly blessed to be surrounded by our families and enjoy the Eid spirit and happiness.

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