World Future Energy Summit

Access to safe and sustainable energy is a basic human need. Without it, the forcibly displaced – particularly women and children – find themselves more vulnerable and have less time to rebuild their lives.

UNHCR is committed to addressing the energy needs of refugees, improving access to sustainable fuel, powering health centers and utilizing solar-powered lighting.

 The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is a global industry platform connecting business and innovation in energy, clean technology and efficiency for a sustainable future. UNHCR’s engagement here reflects our commitment and drive towards providing sustainable energy for refugees all over the world.

 In our complex world with fast and shifting needs and priorities, refugees like everyone need protection, shelter, water, health, education and the other basic essentials to survive and to start again.

With more than 5,525,292 Syrian refugees having fled their country and over 647,000 Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh since 25 August 2017, UNHCR is committed to addressing the needs of refugees, to improve their lives and strives to ensure that everyone has the right to protection and to build a new life with dignity.

 The commitment of individuals and their generous support enables UNHCR to save lives and build a better future for millions who were forced to flee their homes in order to survive.

 UNHCR is here at WFES from January 14th until January 17th, 2019, standing tall to raise the voice for refugees! Please give your voice for refugees today, so that the world can hear theirs.


Interview with Mireille Girard, UNHCR Representative in Lebanon

Lebanon continues to host the highest number of refugees per capita in the world, with over one million Syrian refugees. As many as 22% of refugee families in Lebanon are living in informal settlements and collective shelters across the country.

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Let’s stand with Refugees and fight COVID19 together…

Interview with Dominik Bartsch UNHCR representative in Jordan.

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Meet our Team: A letter from the field

I worked with UNHCR for six years inside Syria and now I’m based in Bangladesh supporting our response to the Rohingya refugee crisis. I want to reflect here on our collective efforts to help refugees and to express my thoughts on what it means when war forces someone to leave everything behind.

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