Ahead of the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, UNHCR is preparing to launch a special campaign this year to shed light on the lives of the refugee families and to bring the Arab viewer closer to the refugee families during the month of mercy, generosity and charity.

Yearly, UNHCR seeks to cooperate with individuals and institutions in the region to show solidarity and fraternity with the refugees who were separated from their families and homes during Ramadan, more than any other time.


The campaign aims at making people aware of the daily suffering of refugees in the region and calling for support to respond to the needs of the refugee families. It’s a campaign aiming at relieving the families and putting an end to desperation in the Holy Month of Mercy.

Together this year, we hope to fill with happiness the hearts of children, women, elderly who were forced to become refugees.

Follow our news in the coming days to see how we affect the lives of thousands of refugees. You will find everyday a true overview about the life of refugees in a way aiming at encouraging kind people to help their refugee brothers and sisters.

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Ramadan Kareem from the UNHCR Family

Wars, conflicts and persecution have forced an unprecedented number of refugees globally- around 60 million people- to flee their homes. Most of them were displaced from Syria, Yemen and Iraq due to the conflicts in 2015, followed by those displaced from Afghanistan, Central Africa, Columbia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan and Ukraine. In addition, the Syrian conflict is considered one of the main factors that led to this increase. Five years later, the conflict forced 4.8 million refugees to flee to neighbouring countries and hundreds of thousands to head to Europe, and caused the displacement of 6.6 million people within Syria, knowing that Syria had a pre-war population of 20 million.


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